Fuck the Facts Talk 'Abandoned' and Their New Beginning, Stream New EP on Exclaim.ca

BY Natalie Zina WalschotsPublished Sep 29, 2014

Topon Das, founding member of Canadian experimental grindcore nobility Fuck the Facts, tells Exclaim! that the "funny" thing about their "'new EP,' [is] really it's not new at all. I don't think we would write songs like this anymore, and when people will hear the upcoming split with Fistfuck and our next album, the difference will be pretty noticeable."

As previously reported, the Abandoned EP will be released on Wednesday (October 1) both on cassette and digitally, but already you can stream the entire three-song mini-effort via Exclaim.ca at the bottom of the page.

As Das explains, it is composed of material that was written over the course of several years.

"All the songs were written during the same period that we wrote Die Miserable, so 2008 to 2010," he says. "The song "L'impasse" is the very first song we wrote for that album, and the songs 'Disabused' and 'Endless Emptiness' actually started as demos that I wrote back as far as 2002."

As Die Miserable began to take shape, however, these tracks were left out of the final track isting — hence the title of the EP.

"We did a separate session in June 2011 to record these three songs with the initial intention of releasing them as B-sides with Die Miserable. That never happened and they just sat on a hard drive for three years."

After languishing in the digital dark for so long and after a punishing schedule of relentless touring, Das finally found the time to work with and release the tracks, reclaiming Abandoned. "Mel [Mongeon] and Marc [Bourgon] recorded their vocals this past July, and in August I mixed and mastered the EP."

Abandoned represents both a new beginning, and an end, for Fucks the Facts. In terms of the latter, Das states that "the Abandoned EP finally lets us put an end to a chapter that was probably the most prolific writing period we ever had in this band. It was non-stop writing, tweaking, rehearsing and all followed by a recording session that nearly threw us over the edge. We drove ourselves mad and pushed ourselves well beyond our limits to make the best album possible [Die Miserable], and I don't think we'll ever have a period in this band like that again. Honestly, I don't think we could do it anymore."

As a new beginning, the Abandoned EP is the first release under the auspices of Fuck the Facts new label, Noise Salvation. With this, Fuck the Facts move closer to a goal that Das has had for sometime: to be "completely independent."

He explains, "I'm not saying labels are bad, or that we'll never sign to a label again, but when I think about 'making it,' it's not signing a record contract. Fuck the Facts and creating music in general is something I plan on doing for a long time. It's not something I ever plan on becoming rich doing, but being able to sustain a music career where I have total control is my idea of success."

Stream all of Abandoned below.

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