Frank Nitt Jewels In My Backpack

Detroit, MI native Frank Nitt (one half of Dilla homeboys Frank N Dank) has let the California sun get to him on his debut solo EP, Jewels In My Backpack, as the six tracks sound forced and the direction off. On paper, the EP immediately raises suspicions if you're a fan of Frank's earlier work. A fully West Coast affair, guests include DJ Quik, Problem and Kurupt, with production duties handled entirely by Terrance Martin, who apparently worked on Snoop Dogg's Blue Carpet Treatment. Unfortunately, said suspicions will be confirmed once you hear Nitt get his R&B lover man on with Problem over some spacey bump'n'grind on "Go Girl." "L.O.V.E.," featuring DJ Quik and J Black, doesn't fare much better. Over some standard G-Funk lite, Nitt and his guests go through the motions trying to holler at the honeys. Sadly, there aren't any jewels in that backpack of Nitt's. Wait, is there a cassette with "McNasty Filth" on it perhaps? (Delicious Vinyl)