FOONYAP Megaphono, Ottawa ON, February 10

FOONYAP Megaphono, Ottawa ON, February 10
Photo: Kamara Morozuk
Between her compositional skill looping violin and ukulele, and vocals both roaring and restrained, FOONYAP had the Megaphono audience enraptured beneath the soft blue lighting of General Assembly. The room fell silent for powerful opener "The Fun Machine," as she plucked at the uke in an exceedingly delicate fashion, layering more loops of her instruments before casting any remaining restraint aside with her forceful vocal projection.
FOONYAP's recent full-length, Palimpsest, is described as "a raw and unguarded reflection of her tumultuous journey to self-discovery through her painful past." The emotional weight carried by the songs was palpable, not only from her vocal delivery, but playing technique, too. Coupling string bends and vibrato with her ability to slide between notes on the violin evoked the sound of an erhu, wringing every conceivable bit of feeling from each note.
The set closed with a final jam featuring Mal/Aimé's Yolande Laroche on clarinet and Special Costello's Nick Dourado on soprano sax, with the two woodwinds harmonizing with one another over FOONYAP's steady pizzicato loops.

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