​FOONYAP Announces 'Palimpsest' LP, Premieres New Single

​FOONYAP Announces 'Palimpsest' LP, Premieres New Single
Calgary artist FOONYAP has collaborated with the likes of Art Bergmann and Woodpigeon, but her latest musical endeavour will arrive in the form of a solo record titled Palimpsest, due out on October 21.
After beginning to play violin at the age of four, FOONYAP's early years were spent struggling to "align with the boundaries established by her demandingly inflexible life." Raised in a sheltered environment permeated by classical music, Catholicism and traditional Chinese culture, FOONYAP was eventually able to break through the misery caused by repressive forces and find her creative voice.
Blending folk and electronic influences, the upcoming album hears the artist exploring her own self-discovery through sound, constantly striving to maintain the sense of "passion" and "authenticity" she has established thus far.
The first single from Palimpsest arrives today (August 22). Titled "THE FUN MACHINE," the haunting, moody new tune mimics the musician's trajectory — expressing ideas about adapting and finding the positivity in what could otherwise be a destructive situation.
"'THE FUN MACHINE' is about a girl falling for a flying robot or when people you love make bad decisions," FOONYAP tells Exclaim! "Sometimes robots and people do their best within their programming."
You can hear it for yourself in the player below, and pre-order the album here on Bandcamp.