The Fleshtones feat. Lenny Kaye Brooklyn Sound Solution

Man oh man, you've got to be some kind of ballsy dad rock bar band to think you can get away with covering "Day Tripper" on this side of the new millennium. Well, it's a good thing the Fleshtones, circa 2011 (featuring Lenny Kaye, from the Jim Carroll Band, the Patti Smith Group and the Lenny Kaye connection) are precisely this kind of dad rock bar band. The perpetual garage rock revivalists return with more of the same fuzzy, concise, toe-tapping rockers. Brooklyn Sound Solution is comparably low-energy, weighed against the 'Tones prime '70s and '80s output. But considering that they all look like uncles and college professors now, that's to be expected. Still, tracks like "I Can't Hide," "Rats in the Kitchen" and Kaye's sole songwriting contribution, "Lost on Xandu," reward repeated listens. They may not be quite as vibrant, but the Fleshtones still sound good. Sure, they're old, but they're better than the Stones. (Yep Roc)