Fleece Voyager

Fleece Voyager
Fleece, a young, dynamic psych-rock quintet from Montreal, seamlessly blend the freshest elements of an array of genres — including jazz, grunge and, yes, psych rock — into their sophomore record, Voyager. Staying true to its name, each track unfolds into the other to take the listener on a journey through the keyboardist/lyricist Matthew Rogers' mind.
Confronting the thoughts and poignant struggle of a teenager yet to come out of the closet, Voyager truly feels like an emotional time warp; not only is Rogers seemingly singing to his younger self, but the band take influence from music of past generations to complement the words with a tastefully vintage sound.
Second track "On My Mind" could serve as the perfect background to a 1970s California beach scene, while lyrics like "Wondering about all the lives I won't lead / Lying all the time / Still, it's on my mind" depict a darker sense of inner turmoil. "Riverside" fits perfectly in the middle of Voyager's ten tracks, standing out as a climax, with its melodic jazz infusions and shredding guitar licks reminiscent of fellow Canadians BADBADNOTGOOD. (Like Fleece, they were also jazz students.)
Voyager is characterized by a lush, vibrant sound that could transfer successfully in both 200-cap dive bars and arenas alike. (Independent)