Fine Times "Hey Judas" (video)

Fine Times 'Hey Judas' (video)
The highlight of Fine Times' recent self-titled debut album is the triumphant waltz "Hey Judas," and now that soaring, keyboard-driven anthem has received its own music video.

The clip was conceptualized by the band's own Matthew Moldowan and directed by Kheaven Lewandowski, as well as features Dandillion Wind Opaine as art director and Evan Prosofsky as director of photography. It finds the duo sweating in the sun on a hot beach before encountering a mask-wearing, flamboyantly dressed tribe.

The tribe members look more like they wandered off an American Apparel photo shoot than out of a jungle, but this only adds to the vibrant visuals.

Speaking of the video, Moldowan had this to say in a statement:

When I originally wrote the treatment, it was very much inspired by the visuals of Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut and David Lynch's Eraserhead. The idea was to have scenes that unfold organically, without a concrete narrative or conventional fast-paced cuts. Dandi's work to create the masks and costumes and define a colour palette brought the ideas to life, while Kheaven and Evan's expertise with film were integral to the video's final look and framing.

It was a very ambitious project, especially given the limited budget we had. Most of the props we had made ourselves to save money. I must have made half a dozen trips to Home Depot. One of the most notable props was the effect used for the throat slitting towards the end of the video. I'd fashioned a neck prosthetic out of liquid latex, and a pump for the fake blood out a garden sprayer. I think it's one of the standout moments, and the whole effect only cost us around $30.

Check out the results below.