Fetty Wap "Zoo" (video) / "D.A.M Dats All Me"

Fetty Wap 'Zoo' (video) / 'D.A.M Dats All Me'
Having crowned his "Trap Queen," rising rapper Fetty Wap continues to build momentum, and now he has rolled a new video plus a song.

In the clip for the freshly unveiled "Zoo," we see Fetty Wap revelling in his success, as he parties it up with his friends and waves handfuls of cash at the camera. The song features guest verses from Jay Jones and Hollygrove Keem, and they show up at the party to rhyme over the creepy beat, while the Auto-Tuned chorus welcomes us to the "Zoo."

Check it out below, along with the new track "D.A.M Dats All Me." This is a romantically crooned hip-hop track on which Fetty declares, "You're so damn fine / I'm so damn glad you're mine / And you stay on my mind / I think about you all the damn time," and promises not leave after sex.