​Father John Misty Debuts New 'Pure Comedy' Track "Leaving L.A."

​Father John Misty Debuts New 'Pure Comedy' Track 'Leaving L.A.'
Photo: Kim Jay
Father John Misty seems eager to get his upcoming Pure Comedy album out in the open, having already shared the title track, a short film, "Two Wildly Different Perspectives" and "Ballad of the Dying Man." Now, he's unveiled another track from the forthcoming release.
"Leaving L.A." is a sprawling 13-minute number that hears the artist born Josh Tillman compiling three years worth of writing into a ditty that once again expresses his snarky, self-deprecating wit with lines like: "Oh great, another white guy in 2017 who takes himself so goddamn seriously."
He performed the track live on Lauren Laverne's BBC Radio 6 show this morning (February 3), and you can get your first listen to the song by listening to the radio clip below.
In signature Tillman style, he sums up his own performance by remarking: "That's the whitest, most acoustic thing you've ever seen."

Pure Comedy is due out on April 7 through Sub Pop.