Fancey Schmancey

Because the New Pornographers are a supergroup, every member has their own outside bands/careers, but it also has opened some doors for additional solo records as well. So, following A.C. Newman, we now have Todd Fancey (who’s also in Limblifter) branching out on his own. Under the guise of Fancey, Schmancey is his second solo album and finds his love of ’70s AM radio more apparent than ever. Every song harkens back to the days when Todd Rundgren was king, and there’s no doubt at all that Fancey are capable of creating a catchy pop song. But like some bubblegum, the flavour doesn’t stick around long enough to make this the most memorable confection. But while it lasts, it is pretty sweet stuff. Of course, the bigger question is why isn’t he allowed to contribute to the Pornographers’ records? (What Are Records)