Fancey "Amarillo by Morning"

Fancey 'Amarillo by Morning'
New Pornographers player Todd Fancey released his latest solo album under his Fancey moniker with Love Mirage last year, and now he's unveiled plans for a brand new record. Titled County Fair, the new album is a covers collection, featuring reworked classics by the likes of the Brady Bunch, Gordon Lightfoot and Buffalo Springfield.
"I've been singing and strumming most of these songs on acoustic guitar for a while," Fancey tells Exclaim! "I love old '60s and '70's country music, with lots of pedal steel guitar. So I wanted to record an album of songs that for the most part were obscure and I wanted to record them in a traditional country and western style."
He enlisted fellow New Porno Neko Case's live bandmate Paul Rigby for the project, who plays pedal steel and banjo across the album.
County Fair also hears Fancey and Rigby delivering a new take on the Terry Stafford/George Straight tune "Amarillo by Morning." Listen to the first sampling of Fancey's upcoming album with that track below.
County Fair is due out on January 26.