Falling in Reverse

The Drug in Me is You

BY Gabrielle DomanskiPublished Aug 16, 2011

After serving two-plus years in the big house, former Escape the Fate frontman Ronnie Radke is back with his newest musical incarnation, Falling in Reverse. It seems, however, that this incarceration did nothing to curb Radke's ego, seeing him emerge with the haughty The Drug in Me is You. Opening track "Raised by Wolves" channels similarly teen-centric, pop-infused post-hardcore bands, exploding with energy and showcasing Radke's struggles dealing with authority. After the relative strength of the album's introduction and its effective mixture of angry (yet generic) screams and satisfactory clean vocals, the record becomes difficult to digest. The combination of arrogant and self-pitying lyrics overpowers the 11-song bombardment of sleazy, rock-inspired guitar solos, standard breakdowns and cavity-inducing pop hooks. Standout statements from Radke include, "That's why they call me the king of the music scene" ("Tragic Magic") and "Sexy, please text me, I'm ready for you" (from the obnoxious "Good Girls Bad Guys"). The latter is followed by "Pick Up the Phone," which chronicles an obsessive and violent domestic relationship. Radke clearly is keeping it classy on his return to the music scene. While there are fleeting moments of salvation, ultimately The Drug in Me is You proves the wait wasn't worth it.

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