Club Soda Series 1

BY Thomas QuinlanPublished Jul 19, 2011

After successful album-length collaborations with Myka 9, Awol One and others, infamous Prairie producer Factor returns to the compilation format upon which he built his career. The same smooth soul- and jazz-inspired production is all over this album, often resulting in an organic vibe to the music. Vocally, Club Soda Series 1 features many long-time collaborators, like Living Legends' Sunspot Jonz, his love story rapped with passion over a relatively up-tempo beat on "A Part of Me Now," or Kay the Aquanaut, who struggles to express "Hope" with an off-kilter flow that works remarkably well over a minimal, string-heavy beat. On another minimal track, "Tryin'," it's nice to have Birdapres and Moka Only once again join forces, although Moke only sings the hook, albeit one of his best in recent memory, and newer collaborator Noah 23 gets the only other up-tempo beat for "High," a psychedelic trip into familiar 23 territory. For surprises, look to Awol One, who borders on singing with his distorted vocals for "What You Need," a rousing, countrified jam that could be a lost song from the Twin Peaks soundtrack, or the touching emo-ness of "Tried So Hard," an unlikely love song by a guy choosing to call himself Isaiah Toothtaker, a fairly new collaborator who offers proof that everyone needs love. At only eight tracks long, Club Soda Series 1 is short, but still long enough to impress upon the listeners the talents of Factor, undeniably one of Canada's most overlooked producers. No filler here.
(Side Road)

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