"Can't Sleep" (ft. Kay the Aquanaut and Def3)

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Dec 26, 2014

Saskatoon beatmaker Factor has been churning out a monthly single since the start of the year, but as 2014 is coming to a close, so are Factor Fridays.
The final single in the 12-track series has arrived and it features Side Road Record emcees Kay the Aquanaut and Def3. As the title implies, "Can't Sleep" pays homage to the early, insomnia-addled hours of the morning.
Backed by a synth-driven beat and a hook that asks, "Have you ever seen the world at 6:30?" Kay and Def3 deliver verses that get pretty personal.

You might remember Kay the Aquanaut from August's collaborative effort "Fvck You," but he's finishing the year on this fresh track. Def3, meanwhile, recently released an album with Factor called Wildlif3 (out now via Urbnet).
Give "Can't Sleep" a listen below.

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