Eyehategod Return with New Album, Stream "Agitation! Propaganda!"

Eyehategod Return with New Album, Stream 'Agitation! Propaganda!'
Long-running New Orleans metal crew Eyehategod faced a tough 2013, following drummer Joey LaCaze's death, but the band are back in the saddle, having just announced an upcoming self-titled album arrives this spring.

The sludge lovers will deliver an eponymous LP in North America on May 27 through Phil Anselmo's Housecore Records, a day earlier in Europe, Australia and New Zealand via Century Media, and on May 21 in Japan through Daymare.

  As previously reported, the band hit the studio last year to track their first album since 2000's Confederacy of Ruined Lives. These are also final recordings to feature LaCaze, who passed away last August from respiratory failure. He has since been succeeded by drummer Aaron Hill.

An interview with vocalist Mike "IX" Williams had him explaining that the band had first begun the sessions with Billy Anderson behind the boards, but the group faced complications in the studio. Steve Berrigan was brought in to re-track guitars and bass, while Sanford Parker (Corrections House) mixed the final product.

"He recorded the drums, bass and some guitar, but that was a mess," Williams told NPR of working with Williams. "There was a documentary crew in there filming, and it was distracting away from our time recording. Jimmy [Bower, guitar] was having a couple problems at the time too, waiting for his kid to be born, so it was a weird time to be in the studio. We ended up using just Joey's drum tracks from Billy."

A tracklisting has yet to appear behind the LP, but you can see the artwork up above and check out "Agitation! Propaganda!", a whirlwind of crust aggression up front that later settles into doomy riff-slinging, down below.

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