Bibi Club Are All-Encompassing on "Le feu"

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BY Sydney BrasilPublished Oct 19, 2023

There's something all-encompassing about Bibi Club, the Montreal indie pop duo that shook me and my colleagues at a late-night Hillside set this summer. The chemistry between Adèle Trottier-Rivard and Nicolas Basque is unequaled, and on "Le feu," they expand on their allure by bringing in some friends.

Backing vocals build to a brim, while bright electric guitar calls back to their nervy live gigs. Bibi Club are best when their plucky licks sit above their spacey synths, and this is especially apparent in the track's third act. With more new material set to come soon, "Le feu" is a rosy glimpse into the band's future.

(Secret City Records)

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