Exclaim!'s Staff Picks: Lunice 'OPEN'

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Jun 28, 2023

Not to be outdone by TNGHT partner Hudson Mohawke, Lunice has also covered his latest solo album with a fantastical scene not far removed from his latest sounds. Created by Okey Ofomata, the artwork of OPEN depicts chaos in the grocery store — carts, produce and patrons sent flying as the wet floor signage is fully ignored. The Montreal producer has said spontaneity is OPEN's key ingredient, making for a different flavour of his tried and true bass music recipe.
Lunice's solo productions have been marked for enrapturing percussion arrangements and alluring tones, but on OPEN, things feel more immediate. The way opener "YAYAYA," lets its opening vocal stabs give way to the tweaked out electronics that put TNGHT on the map last decade makes for a familiar first bite, but consider these other delicious moments: Zach Zoya effortlessly floating atop a muzak-minded progression on "Last Time," the heavy "Winnebago" cresting a hill to coast through the bridge section into a dying sunset, an all-MTL meet-up with DrtWrk and Jay Century on "Rube Boii" you wish would linger a little longer, and the vocal acrobatics of Cali Cartier on "Walk" and "No Commas" that could lead one to miss the finer electronic textures entirely.
With all but two inclusions coming in under three minutes, OPEN plays out akin to shopping trips in the time of COVID and greedy food magnates: head to the store, grab what you need and get out.

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