The Evaporators Gassy Jack and Other Tales

If you’ve heard any of the Evaporators’ previous four releases, or even seen one of Nardwuar’s gonzo interviews on TV, then Gassy Jack and Other Tales will come as no surprise. Fourteen tracks of giddy, up-tempo power pop and punk rock, the record covers a variety of historical peculiarities, including Vancouver’s Gassy Jack statue, vintage vinyl Evatone Soundsheets and BC-based nature painter EJ Hughes. To avoid getting too gimmicky, the record benefits from fantastic songwriting courtesy of ex-Smuggler Dave Carswell, New Pornographer John Collins and new recruit Stephen Hamm (of Canned Hamm and proto-grunge legends Slow). Complete with eight bonus music videos and a detailed essay from Nard himself, Gassy Jack is too fun to resist. (Mint)