​The Evaporators "Eat to Win" with DJ Khaled and Snoop Dogg in New Video

​The Evaporators 'Eat to Win' with DJ Khaled and Snoop Dogg in New Video
Following up clips for "I Can't Be Shaved" and "Mohawks & Dreadlocks," the Evaporators have shared a video for another Ogopogo Punk cut. This time it's "Eat to Win" that's been given the visual treatment, and it opens with DJ Khaled's stamp of approval.
The action really gets underway when the band hop in their dunebuggy to pick up some sweet treats at local eatery, Liberty Bakery. As if cakes and cookies weren't fun enough, frontman Nardwuar also has a run-in with a famous old pal — the perennially pot-puffing Snoop Dogg. From there, the Evaporators take to the street for a raucous outdoor show.
See the whole fun-filled day go down in the video for "Eat to Win" below.