Energy Slime 'New Dimensional' (7-inch stream)

Energy Slime 'New Dimensional' (7-inch stream)
Never ones to rest on their laurels, Vancouver pop guru Jay Arner and his touring bandmate Jessica Delisle have teamed up as Energy Slime to deliver New Dimensional, but before it hits shelves, you can hear it on

The record may feature 10 new tracks, but a bit amazingly, the whole collection clocks in at just 13 minutes, with the physical release even arriving as a 7-inch single.

"Basically Jay and I will be having a few alcoholic beverages after dinner and watching TV," Delisle said of the creative process behind the project. "Jay will say 'pass me my sketchbook' and then he'll write down some psychedelic lyrics.... Quite often the songs are recorded immediately after Jay has an idea. Each song takes maybe an hour or two to write, record, and mix. Then we listen to it a bunch and laugh and quote all the lyrics to one another for the next week or two until we make the next song."

The humorous, fancy-free approach can be heard on the new songs, which boast titles like "Gas in a Bag" and "Graham Fucks the Queen." There's an electronica tinge to some tracks like "Only Clouds" and "Why U Wanna," while "Cool Ship II" is an upbeat, psychedelic ditty and "Star on the Ground" channels the trippy motif for nearly two whole minutes, making it the longest track on the record.

New Dimensional is out on November 11 through Mint, but you can listen to the ambitious 7-inch, 10-song compilation right now in the player below.

Energy Slime will celebrate the release with a hometown Vancouver show on November 15 at They Live. Cult Babies are also on the bill, but sadly, it marks the last-ever show at the video store/venue. You can get more details here.