Emiliana Torrini Reveals 'Tookah,' Premieres New Single

Emiliana Torrini Reveals 'Tookah,' Premieres New Single
Five years removed from Emiliana Torrini's Me and Armini LP, the Icelandic pop singer has revealed her next step. Her fourth album, Tookah, is set to drop September 10 in North America via Rough Trade and a day earlier overseas.

A press release for the record notes that Torrini once again hit the studio with longtime collaborator/producer Dan Carey, with whom she co-wrote her last three LPs. Tookah took shape over a three-year period, with the oldest track being "When Fever Breaks," a song penned following a two-year tour behind Me and Armini. Tracks like "Autumn Sun" were written on Icelandic turf.

Of the record, Torrini said in a statement: "For me the first album was learning to write songs, the second was working on my own melodies and lyrics and the last album Me and Armini was about learning to let go. With this record, it's much more about the exploration of sonics and visual landscaping in order to find my own sound. I am a craftswoman and for me this record has been about Dan [Carey] and I evolving and going on a sound journey."

A blog post about the creation of the LP notes that songwriting sessions utilized an Oberheim synthesizer, as well as a Swarmatron synth of Carey's, with Torrini writing, "We knew we would plaster it all over the record before we knew what the record was."

She also noted that "synth nerds" Simon Byrt, Ian Kellett and Matt Robertson contributed to the sine wave-driven sound. You can check out the results of the synth experimentation via a stream of high-gloss electro-pop single "Speed of Dark," which you'll find beneath the tracklisting.


1. Tookah
2. Caterpillar
3. Autumn Sun
4. Home
5. Elisabet
6. Animal Games
7. Speed Of Dark
8. Blood Red
9. When Fever Breaks