Emerging R&B/Pop Singer Loony Walks Us Through Her 'Part 1' EP Track by Track

Emerging R&B/Pop Singer Loony Walks Us Through Her 'Part 1' EP Track by Track
Photo: Shania Rock
In just four tracks, Toronto singer and songwriter Loony is able to show the world what she's about. Hailing from Scarborough, ON she's been able to reflect her diverse surroundings, and love of R&B music, into something that's a mix of soul, pop and jazz with a hip-hop mindset.
The singer grew up with a big love for music and dreams of being a recording artist. Working with producer Akeel Henry, Part 1 is the teaser for more music to come in 2019, Loony tells Exclaim! Loony tells us, track by track, what the intriguing Part 1 is all about.
1. "Flock"
"I really like 'Flock.' It's such an immature, childish song at times. I wanted to do a stream of consciousness type of song. It's everything that is running through my mind, from waking up, to not wanting to go to work, to calling in sick for work, to wanting to get so much done today but end up smoking all day. It's a day in the life of me. I wanted it to sound fast and a little bit jazzy — you can hear that in the trumpet. That same day I was writing the song, I just saw the sky was just really bleak and grey. It seemed to just like how I was feeling that day."
2. "Overnight"
"So basically, Akeel told me one day, we needed a pop song. He produced the beat and at first I didn't know how I was going to approach it. I came at it from a defeatist attitude. I was being depressed with the ways of the world. It's hard to turn on the news these days because there's just so much bullshit going on. So I kind of just wrote from that place. The lyrics are really simple, but kind of dark as well."
3. "Earth Sway"
"I didn't know if I wasn't going to use this beat originally. It's basically just speaking from a perspective where you feel someone you're with is not giving you the big love that you want. So I just really got goofy with it — just as ridiculous R&B-sounding as I could. I've really try to make a lot of my lyrics a bit ironic and have a punch line. It's like wanting someone to make the world for you and that's why I need the earth sway."
4. "A Small Flame"
"'A Small Flame' is about wanting. It's about really being fulfilled by a relationship. It's like a candle. It's not the fire that's warming your whole house and keeping your family warm at night. It's just a little candle, and is pretty. You like it, it's fun and you can convince yourself it's warm enough but it's not. The song is simple but fun."
Part 1 is out now independently.
Check out the video for "A Small Flame" below.