Elizabeth Fraser Shares New Sun's Signature Song "Underwater"

It's the second single from her project with partner Damon Reece after last month's "Golden Air"
Elizabeth Fraser Shares New Sun's Signature Song 'Underwater'
Photo: Eva Vermandel
Sun's Signature — the new project from Cocteau Twins' iconic frontperson Elizabeth Fraser and her partner Damon Reece — have shared a new song called "Underwater." 

It's the follow-up to last month's "Golden Air" and the latest taste of the duo's forthcoming self-titled debut EP, which technically came out in a limited run on Record Store Day but won't be available more widely until June 18.

"Underwater" is the EP's opener, and it's another glowing showcase for Fraser's legendary voice. It's a shimmery slow build that gradually incorporates some unexpected sound and textures into its golden-hour haze, ending in a bottomed-out percussive rhythm. 

Check it out below.