Oneohtrix Point Never Teams Up with Cocteau Twins' Elizabeth Fraser on New Single

The legendary vocalist appears on a re-worked version of OPN's "Tales from the Trash Stratum"

BY Kaelen BellPublished Sep 13, 2021

Oneohtrix Point Never has announced an expanded Blu-ray edition of 2020's self-titled album, out October 29 on Warp. And with the announcement comes a new version of "Tales from the Trash Stratum" featuring legendary Cocteau Twins vocalist Elizabeth Fraser.
Fraser's vocals are understated and fantastical, and they lend the track a gentle magic that isn't really present in the stuttering original.  
The singer, who's been (accurately) described as "the voice of God" has reappeared several times in the decades since Cocteau Twins broke up, including on several soundtracks, a tour with Massive Attack between 2018 and 2019 and an appearance on Sigur Rós frontman Jónsi's debut solo album in 2020.
The Blu-Ray edition of Magic Oneohtrix Point Never features four bonus tracks — including the previously released version of "Nothing's Special" featuring Rosalía — and a whopping sixteen official music videos, collected from across OPN's catalogue.
Check out Fraser's contributions to "Tales From the Trash Stratum" below.

Magic Oneohtrix Point Never (Blu-ray Edition):

1. Cross Talk I
2. Auto & Allo 
3. Long Road Home
4. Cross Talk II
5. I Don't Love Me Anymore
6. Bow Ecco
7. The Whether Channel 
8. No Nightmares 
9. Cross Talk III
10. Tales from the Trash Stratum
11. Answering Machine
12. Imago
13. Cross Talk IV / Radio Lonelys 
14. Lost but Never Alone
15. Shifting
16. Wave Idea
17. Nothing's Special

Bonus Tracks:

18. Lost but Never Alone (A. G. Cook Remix)
19. Tales from the Trash Stratum (Oneohtrix Point Never & Elizabeth Fraser)
20. Nothing's Special (Oneohtrix Point Never & ROSALÍA)
21. Lost but Never Alone (Forced Smile Edit)

Music Videos:

1. Boring Angel - Directed by John Michael Boling
2. Still Life (Excerpt) - Directed by Nate Boyce
3. Problem Areas - Directed by Takeshi Murata
4. Still Life (BETAMALE) - Video by Jon Rafman. VFX by Daniel Swan
5. Sticky Drama - A film by Jon Rafman and Daniel Lopatin
6. Repossession Sequence - Directed by Nate Boyce & Daniel Lopatin
7. Animals (Directors' Cut) - Directed & Edited by Rick Alverson, starring Val Kilmer
8. The Pure and the Damned (featuring Iggy Pop) - Directed by Josh & Benny Safdie. Starring Robert Pattinson, Benny Safdie and Iggy Pop
9. Black Snow - Directed by Daniel Lopatin
10. We'll Take It - Directed by Nate Boyce and Last Renaissance
11. The Station - Directed and animated by Daylen Seu
12. Long Road Home - Directed by Charlie Fox & Emily Schubert
13. Lost but Never Alone - Directed by Josh & Benny Safdie
14. No Nightmares - Directed by Nate Boyce
15. I Don't Love Me Anymore (Karaoke Version) - Directed by Dasha Nekrasova
16. Sticky Drama (Four Tet Extended Version w/ Boiler Room & The Barbican) - Creative Directed by Oneohtrix Point Never, Directed and Edited by Ramone Anderson

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