Hear Sun's Signature's "Golden Air," the First Official Song from Elizabeth Fraser in 13 Years

It'll appear on Sun Signature's new self-titled EP, arriving this June
Hear Sun's Signature's 'Golden Air,' the First Official Song from Elizabeth Fraser in 13 Years
Photo: Ben Part
In February, it was revealed that Partisan Records would be releasing a new EP from Sun's Signature, the project of Cocteau Twins vocalist and general icon and innovator Elizabeth Fraser and her partner Damon Reece. 

Today, that EP has officially been announced — the self-titled project is arriving June 18 for Record Store Day and will include "Golden Air," the beautiful, sweeping new single that Fraser and Reece have released today. 

Cocteau Twins released their final album way back in 1996, and since then, music from Fraser has been sparse. She's popped up on other artists' work here and there and released the song "Moses" in 2009, but "Golden Air" is the first piece of official music from Fraser in 13 years. It's a pretty stunning re-introduction, starting small before erupting into a glittering wash of sound. 

Check it out, plus the Sun's Signature EP tracklist, below.

Sun's Signature:

1. Underwater
2. Golden Air
3. Bluedusk
4. Apples
5. Make Lovely the Day