Elements EDM Festival Might Be This Year's Fyre Fest

Attendees describe unsafe, unsanitary conditions and a total lack of organization at the Pennsylvania festival
Elements EDM Festival Might Be This Year's Fyre Fest
Photo: Sammi R. Acampora
Those who don't learn history are doomed to repeat it.

Pennsylvania's Elements Music and Arts Festival — a gathering of EDM performers and the people who love them — made good on that idea this past weekend, in what disgruntled attendees are describing as a sort of Fyre Fest Part 2, the remix. 

Now, unlike Fyre Fest, Elements did actually happen — over the long weekend, the festival brought DJs like Diplo, Bonobo, Griz, and Chris Lake out to Wayne County, Pennsylvania. Performances occurred and music was enjoyed (kinda). 

However, Elements still ended with a ton of dissatisfied EDM fans, with reports of unsanitary, confusing and potentially dangerous experiences on the festival grounds. 

A Facebook group called "Elements Shit Show 2021" sprung up before the festival even ended. Now sitting at nearly three-and-a-half thousand members, the group is full of stories from attendees who allege a complete lack of organization at the festival, including hours-long waits for parking and even longer waits for shuttles meant to take people to the festival grounds. According to the posts, the festival has insufficient food, water and bathroom access, and staff were unable or unwilling to direct the confused festival-goers. 

On post alleges that staff spent the festival riding around on golf carts, offering little in the way of help and "literally laughing at everyone struggling and taking pictures of [attendees] and saying 'ha ha good luck guys." 

As reported by EDM.com, one festival-goer wrote that they "talked to the camp security and they mentioned that a group of tents had actually set up over a sewage drain and some people were climbing over barbed wire fences to go to the bathroom because the portapotties were abhorrent."

A pre-festival storm and an influx of disappointed Bonnaroo attendees likely had a hand in the festival's disarray. So far, there's been no statement from the festival, though their Instagram page is flooded with comments demanding refunds and accountability.