Elah Hale Grapples with the Confusion of Young Love on 'Room 206'

BY Veracia AnkrahPublished Apr 28, 2020

Elah Hale provides the soundtrack to a confusing adolescent love affair, full of unrequited emotions and thoughts far too forthcoming to express out loud. Room 206 is the dreadful conversation you'd have with your crush if you could muster up the courage to finally speak to them. Although these peak moments of anxiety aren't the simplest of emotions to handle, Hale croons airy melodies to create catchy ditties reminiscent of high school summers and countryside road trips. 

"My House" and "Posters" explain the questionable performative lengths one would go in the hopes of being considered as a partner, whereas "One Star Rating", "Hold You Close" and "ITPA" address feelings of inadequacy that surface once one has done everything in their power to seem desirable but still fails to measure up. The greatest takeaways on Room 206 EP are found where transparency meets the feel-good sounds that call you to dance in your mirror — or at the very least spark your curiosity to await Hale's next project.  

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