EL VY "Careless" (video)

EL VY 'Careless' (video)
After a prolific tear, EL VY have now officially issued videos behind every single song from their debut LP, Return to the Moon. Exploring the many parallels between sudsy automatic car washes and toddler headbanging is the new video for "Careless."

Another video directed by vocalist Matt Berninger's brother Tom, this one begins with the sight of the soap-loaded swish and swirl of a car wash tunnel's hard-slappin' instruments. From there, we see a blonde kid whipping their wet, tangled locks about on a sunny day. Not to be outdone, baritone-voiced Matt Berninger waggles his own head back inside the car wash.

There's actually more to the short film than that, from the chronicling of nature walks to some split-screen effects, but rather than spoil it all, you should give the video a peep down below.