Eels Announce 'Royal Albert Hall' Live Album and Film

Eels Announce 'Royal Albert Hall' Live Album and Film
Last year, Eels toured the world in support of their album The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett, and now they're revisiting one of the most prestigious gigs from that outing with a DVD and live album. Royal Albert Hall will be released on April 14.

The show was recorded on June 30 of last year at — you guessed it — London, England's Royal Albert Hall. In an announcement, Eels leader E described this as a "gentlemen's Eels concert," which is to say that it forgoes electrified rock'n'roll for a more calming show in which the five band members play guitar, piano, pedal steel guitar, trumpet, upright and bowed bass, melodica, vibraphone, timpani, drums, concert chimes and glockenspiel.

The 28-track film captures the full concert plus backstage footage. There are a few encores, including a so-called "phantom encore" featuring E playing the venue's massive pipe organ. The film was directed by Charlie Lightening.

The live package is available to pre-order in various bundles that include the album on CD or vinyl, plus various extras like a lithograph and a T-shirt.

See the setlist below and scroll past that to watch a trailer for the film.

Royal Albert Hall:


1. Where I'm At
2. When You Wish Upon a Star
3. The Morning
4. Parallels
5. Addressing the Royal Audience
6. Mansions of Los Feliz
7. My Timing Is Off
8. A Line in the Dirt
9. Where I'm From
10. It's a Motherfucker
11. Lockdown Hurricane
12. A Daisy Through Concrete
13. Introducing the Band
14. Grace Kelly Blues
15. Fresh Feeling
16. I Like Birds
17. My Beloved Monster
18. Gentlemen's Choice
19. Mistakes of My Youth/Wonderful, Glorious
20. Where I'm Going

Encore 1:

21. I Like the Way This Is Going
22. Blinking Lights (For Me)
23. Last Stop: This Town

Encore 2:

24. The Beginning
25. Can't Help Falling in Love
26. Turn on Your Radio

Phantom Encore:

27. Flyswatter
28. The Sound of Fear