Eating Out "That's My Man" (video)

Eating Out 'That's My Man' (video)
From what we remember, most school days didn't end with a streamer-flying rock concert, but maybe we just weren't lucky enough to call Eating Out classmates. The punk supergroup's new music video for "That's My Man" has them capping a hard day of educational drudgery by cranking out a tune assembly-style.

The video for the dirtied-up sock hop number, taken from the band's recent 7-inch for Suicide Squeeze Records, rolls out a cast of familiar high school types, from burn outs smoking in the girls room, to bespectacled 4.0 maintainers glueing their eyes on an in-class film, to truant boardriders hopping garbage cans in the hallways. Vocalist/guitarist Daniel Pitout, meanwhile, dives deep into a game of dodgeball before taking to the stage with his band buds.

You can peep the playful video down below courtesy of Out, but make sure you're not watching during classtime lest you want to get sent straight to DT.