Eating Out "Pucker" (video)

Eating Out 'Pucker' (video)
Having relocated from Vancouver to the UK last fall, Nü Sensae drummer Daniel Pitout has now premiered the first single from his Eating Out project since moving to Old Blighty. It's a punky heartbreak number called "Pucker," and you can check it out in a new, reckless music video.

Pitout told Beat that the song is about that post-breakup stage where "you just want the person dead." As such, the track's a seething, Germs-styled salvo of dirty guitars, manic beats and curt cries like "Pucker up and suffer."

The video, directed by David Ehrenreich, is a little more playful, finding a troupe of kids going about their day exploring forest scenes, huffing gas, eating ice cream, injecting shots of Smirnoff into their eyeballs, and otherwise just getting right fucked up. You'll find the troupe's conscious-twisting escapade down below.