Dying Fetus Scatter Fan's Ashes into Their Mosh Pit

Dying Fetus Scatter Fan's Ashes into Their Mosh Pit
A Dying Fetus fan had his dying wish granted last night (May 3) when the metal band scattered his ashes into the mosh pit of a Chicago venue during the band's show.

The long-running act took to their Facebook page yesterday to report that a fan from Illinois named Nick had recently passed away. It's unclear how the man had died, but he had asked the group if they would spread his ashes during one of their concerts.

In addition to posting a picture of Dying Fetus leader John Gallagher holding a test tube of ashes labelled "Nick," the band asked their fan base, "what do you think, should we do it?"

The response was positive, and the band would later scatter the remains at Chicago's Reggies Rock Club during their performance. They later wrote on Facebook that they did so before starting up "Homicidal Retribution" from 2007's War of Attrition. This was apparently Nick's favourite Dying Fetus song.

"Rest in the pit," the group wrote.

As previously reported, Dying Fetus are currently travelling as part of the Metal Alliance Tour with Acacia Strain, Jungle Rot, Black Crown Initiate and more. The trip hits Winnipeg, Saskatoon and Edmonton this week. You'll find all of the date details over here.