Morning After

BY Yasin RahmanPublished Oct 19, 2017

If their debut album, Sept. 5th, found dvsn giving listeners a glimpse at the sonic potential of Daniel Daley's voice and Nineteen85's production, their sophomore record, Morning After, finds the R&B duo blooming and broadening their sound — fulfilling more of that potential.
On this latest project, dvsn continue delivering sensual lyrics and moody instrumentals, but they also branch out with new sounds. Nineteen85 provides a range of tempos and sound for Daley to sing over throughout the album, which displays how well dvsn has grown since their last project.
Daley, meanwhile, demonstrates his vocal prowess on tracks such as "Mood" and "P.O.V.," though lyrically, the group stick to the staple R&B topics of love, sex and heartbreak. More interesting lyrics would have really set the album apart, but that's a small complaint.
In general, dvsn have honed their skills since their debut, and it's resulted in a better-rounded and polished sound. With the cohesive and captivating Morning After, dvsn have used soothing vocals and layered beats to paint a sonic portrait of modern R&B.
(OVO Sound)

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