Dralms "Crushed Pleats" (video)

Dralms 'Crushed Pleats' (video)
Vancouver indie crew Dralms' "Crushed Pleats" single showcased the band's mind-bending soundscapes, so it seems fitting that the new video for the dub-dabbling tune presents an equally elastic reality.

Director Ewan Jones Morris shows us an ever-changing world, blurring the lines between man and woman via various physique-morphing scenes. In addition to the fluid nature of human relationships, we're also privy to the changing properties of a pile of multicoloured pills, and dinner time visuals suggesting someone's been stocking up Dralms' fridge with GMO gherkins.

You'll find all of the altered imagery down below. "Crushed Pleats" will feature on Dralms' forthcoming debut LP, due later in 2015.