Dralms Announce 'Shook' LP, Share Title Track

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Jul 21, 2015

Vancouver-based musician Christopher Smith has garnered attention in recent years, working under the banner of his Dralms project. Following the release of a pair of EPs, Crushed Pleats and Pillars and Pyre, Smith has now revealed plans for Dralms' debut full-length effort.
Titled Shook, the album is due out on October 2 via Boompa in North America and Full Time Hobby in Europe.
A press release compares Smith's sound to the gravitational pull of his home city Vancouver, presenting a "hypnotic, rich and simmering heart of darkness" that's as mysterious as Dralms' name. And while some tracks showcase "slowly uncoiling grace and precision," others — like "Objects of Affection" and "My Heart Is in the Right Place" — hear a poppier sound at play.
The recording of the album was aided by electronic beats and programming courtesy of Andy Dixon, while Dralms' live lineup features Shaunn Thomas Watt and Peter Carruthers of Siskiyou, as well as keyboardist William Kendrick.
Smith has unveiled the new album's lead single and title track, which you can stream now. "'Shook' is that moment when everything changes," he explained in a statement. "Where you hold on to what's true to you for dear life, or let it all crumble, accept it, pick up the pieces and move on."
Give it a listen in the player below.

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