BY Kassandra GuagliardiPublished Jun 29, 2018

The boy is back. Drake just released his fifth studio album, Scorpion, the followup to his 2017 playlist, More Life. With a weighty rollout including endearing videos for "God's Plan" and "Nice For What" and the less-favoured single "I'm Upset," Drake aims to come out stronger, more focused and more righteous than ever.
The 25-track album comes organized into two parts, with a collection of songs from his rap persona on the former, and showcasing his softer side in the latter. On one hand, he goes hard at addressing his industry ops on Side A, and it's full of the effortlessly cut-throat Drake we've come to love. "House on both coasts, but I live on the charts" he raps on "Survival," where he refers to former altercations with Meek Mill and Diddy with bars like "I've had real Philly niggas try to write my endin'," followed by "I've had scuffles with bad boys that wasn't pretendin'."
Drizzy wastes no time addressing his rumoured son on the album's fourth track "Emotionless." "I wasn't hiding my kid from the world,
I was hiding the world from my kid," he raps over a Mariah Carey sample track that proclaims his fatherhood (he later goes into detail on the album closer and dedication track "March 14"). Side A finishes with "Talk It Up" featuring JAY-Z, where Hova raps his piece on the recent death of XXXtentacion, "Y'all killed X and let Zimmerman live / Streets is done."
On the other hand, Drake gets all the way into his feelings on the second half of Scorpion, where Nicki Minaj's "Boss Ass Bitch" is sampled on "That's How You Feel"; Ty Dolla $ign shines on "After Dark"; and Future makes an appearance on "Blue Tint." "In My Feelings" is one of Side B's most appropriately titled and noteworthy bangers, but the most memorable thing about Scorpion — and arguably the biggest Drake flex of all time — is a Michael Jackson feature on "Don't Matter to Me."
Say what you want about Drake. He's heard it all and he wants you to know (as seen on the list of most popular Drake-hater quotes compiled neatly on his Apple Music "Editor's Notes"), but Drizzy put it best on "8 Out of 10" when he says, "I'd tell you to hear me out, but we both know end of the day / Your sister is pressin' play, your trainer is pressin' play / Your wifey, your wifey, your wifey…" Enough said.

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