Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment "The First Time"

Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment 'The First Time'
As great as Chance the Rapper's new Coloring Book album is, let's take a bit of time out of our day to celebrate fellow Social Experiment member Donnie Trumpet's enjoyable 2015 effort, Surf. That freelease has now officially hit its one year anniversary, and the SoX crew are celebrating by delivering unused stems from the same sessions, which are bundled together as "The First Time."

The 10-minute mix starts off with an Isaac Newton-inspired lesson ("What goes up must come down"), as refracted through the lens of gospel soul. Elsewhere, we get some bars from Chance the Rapper, some smooth-paced piano rippling, a sojourn into bass-poppin' electro funk, and a dove-soft finale.

You can sample "The First Time" below.