The Donnas

Turn 21

BY Cam LindsayPublished Feb 1, 2001

The only problem with having the Donnas in a wet dream is determining whether they would give you a snog or throw you in a puddle. As their male fan base has grown to a massive size over the past six years, the four girls (all named Donna, funny that) really aren't up for impressing the boys and never have been (imagine the pressure there must be in dating one!). On their fourth full-length, The Donnas Turn 21, the band shows more interest in sounding like their heroes Mötley Crüe than the Ramones, as they seemed to early on. Not that the foursome has given up the punk rock ethic, they just prefer the more hedonistic lifestyle of '80s hair bands than the DIY, straight-edge anarchy of punk. The first single, "40 Boys in 40 Nights," plays perfectly with the sexuality that Poison once flaunted with "Talk Dirty To Me." As the title suggests, they just have no time for anything except them boys, admitting, "Makin' out all night in Hollywood/You know I'd do 'em all if I could." Sounds like they've turned the tables on the misogynistic ways Spinal Tap tried to encourage with their infamous Smell The Glove album cover. Yet, even though the girls are old enough to drink and seduce at the same time, they're still maintaining their youth, as they make out at parties while drinking root beer floats and eating junk food. It'll be a sad day when the four Donnas decide to grow up and sing about boring things like day jobs and paying mortgages, so let's not dwell on the future and enjoy their tales of getting busted and being a bad influence on daughters all over the world.

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