The Donnas


BY Liz WorthPublished Sep 18, 2007

After 2004’s Gold Medal, which saw punk poster girls the Donnas attempt to shed their snotty, depraved songwriting for a more mature approach, and which ultimately resulted in a record with more misses than hits, the Donnas are back with an album that is a monstrous, grinding rock’n’roll explosion. Right off the top it comes spilling out like a barroom brawl, with the title track and "Don’t Wait Up For Me” taking on larger-than-life arena rock stances and fiery metal riffs. With snarling, unapologetic vocals that have more spit than shine, and chugging, churning guitars being major focal points, Bitchin’ has a way of lunging for the throat and not loosening its grip for a second. Each song leaves behind wreckage that reeks of booze and debauched havoc. This is rock’n’roll at its finest, full of all those defiant hisses and taunts the Donnas are known for. It’s nice to see that these girls have returned to where they belong.
(Purple Feather)

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