Donald Trump's Nickelback Meme Deleted over a Copyright Violation

Sir, we can no longer look at this photograph
Donald Trump's Nickelback Meme Deleted over a Copyright Violation
A true match made in hell, President Donald Trump shared a Nickelback meme on Twitter yesterday (October 2). Now, however, it's been deleted over a copyright infringement claim.

In an attempted smear, Trump took to Twitter on Wednesday to showcase some supposed hypocrisy in possible Democrat candidate Joe Biden's past. Specifically, the scenario regarded whether or not Joe Biden has been involved in his son Hunter's dealings with the Ukraine.

After Biden said, "I've never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings," good ol' boy Chad Kroeger stops by to say "look at this photograph." Whichever meme lord has been hired to work for the dark side then edited the video so that it shows Joe and Hunter Biden golfing with someone that has been labelled as a "Ukraine oil exec."

We've never been more thankful for intellectual property laws than now, however, because the cursed meme is gone "in response to a report from the copyright holder."

According to the Lumen database (which tracks down online copyright claims), the takedown request was made by Warner Music Group. Warner is the parent company of Roadrunner Records, which released Nickelback's 2005 album All the Right Reasons.

However, as of press time, neither Warner nor the band has made any comment about the copyright takedown.

Luckily, we can now try to focus on more pressing matters.