D.O.A. Detail 'Hard Rain Falling'

D.O.A. Detail 'Hard Rain Falling'
Following a crowdsourcing campaign to help fund the recording sessions to D.O.A.'s new Hard Rain Falling, the long-running Vancouver punk vets have now revealed all the details behind their 16th full-length album. Band leader Joe "Shithead" Keithley will issue the album on CD come June 23 and on vinyl come August 21 through his own Sudden Death Records.

As previously reported, D.O.A. started working on the album after Keithley opted to come back to the band following an unsuccessful political run. The new 12-song set had the punk rocker looking back at his early days for inspiration.

"When I started writing songs for Hard Rain Falling I listened to our early stuff like Hardcore 81 and the Disco Sucks EP, and I tried to take same direct to the point, wild and political approach," he had previously said in a press release. "So it's back to D.O.A.'s roots the way we are approaching this album." 

Lyrically, the new album is said to look at a wide swath "of modern and horrible screwups, from racism to street gangs to war to environmental degradation." This would seemingly be reflected in politically charged song titles like "The Cops Shot a Kid," "Warmonger," "Racism Sucks," or "Not Gonna Take Your Crap Anymore."

You'll find the full tracklisting details down below.

While Keithley didn't make it into office, D.O.A. have been politically active via their music, and with their recent "No Oil Pipelines in BC Tour," which opposed plans for the Kinder Morgan pipeline that would run through his hometown of Burnaby, BC.

As previously reported, June 23 also marks the re-release of the group's John Peel-recorded Don't Turn Yer Back (On Desperate Times).

D.O.A. already have a chunk of tour dates coming up in support of the album. You can see the Canadian and overseas dates here.

Hard Rain Falling:

1. You've Gone Too Far

2. Punk Rock Hero

3. The Cops Shot A Kid
4. Warmonger

5. Johnny Too Bad

6. Pipeline Fever

7. Racism Sucks

8. Kicked In the Teeth
9. Not Gonna Take Your Crap No More

10. He Joined The Gang 

11. Ni Hao

12. San Quentin