DJ Serious Frostbite

The latest twelve-inch from Toronto's DJ Serious gives some insight into his evolution as a producer as well as reminding you of his versatility. DJ Serious's beats on this release provide a highly favourable compliment to Monolith MC Nish Rawks, the main rhymer featured here. His prodigious mic acumen is peppered with incisive battle rhymes and undeniable intellect and "Frostbite," propelled by DJ Serious's compellingly sinister funk is his best effort yet. "The Enlightening," his track from Serious's Dim Sum album also gets the remix treatment here to successful effect. While the original featured a blustery blues riff, Serious tones the new version down to ride a low-key jazz-funk groove that accentuates Nish Rawks's taut lyrical performance. "Unknown Misery" featuring Unknown Misery, another track from 2000's Dim Sum is sandwiched between the two Nish Rawks efforts and while its eerie vibe connects with connection of the other two tracks it doesn't possess the throbbing low-end of the other newer beats perhaps indicating what to expect from DJ Serious in the future. (Audio Research)