Dizzy Are More Mature and Refined on 'The Sun and Her Scorch'

BY Karen K. TranPublished Jul 29, 2020

Dizzy are at their prime with their sophomore album, The Sun and Her Scorch. Songwriter Katie Munshaw's lyrical musings have matured, discussing the death of a friend in "The Magician," living through depression in "Daylight Savings Time," and outgrowing her hometown in "Roman Candles."

Produced by the band themselves, Dizzy have refined their soothing sound. Munshaw lulls listeners with her vocals, holding the tension close to the peak but never quite uses enough strength to force us over the cliff. The melodies are straightforward — comfortable and without surprises.

Additional standout tracks include "Good and Right" and "Ten," the latter of which feels like a culmination of the album's sentiments, saying goodbye to the adolescence of Dizzy's 2018 Juno-award winning Baby Teeth.
(Royal Mountain Records)

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