Baby Teeth

BY Anna AlgerPublished Aug 14, 2018

From Oshawa, ON emerge Dizzy, a group making delicate pop that wraps around listeners like sticky summer heat. Their debut album, Baby Teeth, features clear guitar lines, arpeggiated synths and minimal beats, while vocalist Katie Munshaw's calm vocal fits seamlessly into the languid arrangements of tracks such as the pulsating, "Bleachers."
Lyrically, these songs feel firmly of their generation; Munshaw establishes that "Joshua's a Gemini, he broke my heart / Wish I was too preoccupied to fall apart." They communicate melancholy while painting scenes of youth, heard in the hook-laden refrain of "Pretty Thing."
Dizzy are able to engage in a quiet and powerful way, which bodes well for their future. Their lyrics are observational as much as they are personal, channelling the outskirts of suburbia and the intensity of relationships. Baby Teeth's gentle delivery and textured production creates a world in which listeners have an opportunity for reflection, situating their own experiences within the band's storytelling.
(Royal Mountain Records)

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