Discordance Axis Pikadourei

While it may not be the most watchable DVD ever released, Pikadourei is a great example of extremity that shows the artistic possibilities that this new medium can represent. Much like their frantic over-the-top grindcore that owes as much to Japanese noise artists as it does to Napalm Death's Scum, Discordance Axis's DVD debut is incredibly fast-paced, full of split-second edits, jump around visuals and herky-jerky footage. Edited by DA main man Jon Chang, the majority of the footage originates from the band's four-date Japanese tour in April 2002. While the set's sound was recorded off the soundboard to DAT, the final mix instead comes from the digital cameras used to film it. It's an acquired taste for sure, but if you're into it, you'll love it. Bonus material on the disc includes their 1996 VHS release 7.62 MM, an art film performance if there ever was one (the band partially destroyed the film footage before making the dub copies for sale) and the brilliant promo video the band made in 2001 for the song "Ikaruga." I've never seen this video on MuchMusic, I don't know if they'd have the balls to show it, but if they did I'd respect them a whole lot more. Extras: detailed band discography; guitar tablature; MP3s of their first two albums; photo gallery. (Hydrahead, www.hydrahead.com)