Discordance Axis Original Sound Version

Legendary and sadly missed grindcore kings Discordance Axis have always been a tough one to figure out as far as releases go. I'm still a little confused on how many full-lengths they had, for crying out loud. Luckily, Original Sound Version helps put things in perspective in one nice, beautifully assembled package. This CD combines the band's first full-length (the classic Ulterior still sounds great); split seven-inches with Cosmic Hurse, Hellchild, Capitalist Casualties and Def Master; a few unreleased studio tracks; a live set from CBGB's (one song features Seth from A.C. on vocals); one live song with Rob Proctor of Assuck fame on drums; and finally, exhaustingly, a recording of the band's first jam session. Sounds like shit of course, but kind of fun. All in all, most of this stands the test of time well, and this package is utterly essential for fans of break-neck, innovative and just plain crazy grindcore. The booklet is massive in scope, including lyrics, photos, information on many of the individual songs, recording sessions, tours, font sizes, etc. This CD covers the band's history from 1992-1995, and it looks like there's a part two in the works, which would be a necessary and welcome addition next to Original Sound Version in every grind fan's collection. Man, Discordance Axis really puts every other grind band to shame, even after their demise. (Hydra Head)