Diplo Florida

Diplodocus has been making waves with some incredible mixes, especially when paired with Low Budget to create his Hollertronix crew. This Mississippi-born DJ is yet another hip-hop producer that can’t be lumped into one category, blending all sorts of ingredients such as electronic and rock to whip up a psychedelic debut that blurs the rules of sample-based compositions. Comparisons to DJ Shadow and RJD2 are bound to crop up when discussing Diplo’s sound, but he tends more towards the abstract structure of Boards of Canada, as he bends and warps the notes of a flute and reverses handclaps on the Martina Topley-Bird assisted "Into the Sun.” Diplo manages to balance organic samples with computer-driven flares as he sets a majestic string section alongside a stuttering electro beat with impressive results, similar to the bellowing cello thrown on top of the same drum machine with "Money Power Respect,” though not quite as rewarding in its results. Diplo bites off a little more than he can chew with the ambitious "Summer’s Gonna Hurt You,” which clocks in at nearly nine minutes and quickly wears out its welcome with a pop vocal dragging the tune near the finish line of Florida. Many people will probably take notice of Diplo with this first effort and as well they should. The up and coming producer has laid down an interesting and unique foundation to build on, but his initial impact isn’t as strong as it could be just yet. (Big Dada)