Diplo "Doctor Pepper" (ft. CL, Riff Raff, OG Maco) (video)

Diplo 'Doctor Pepper' (ft. CL, Riff Raff, OG Maco) (video)
While Diplo's "Doctor Pepper" seemingly salutes its sudsy, titular soft drink, the cast in the track's new video sure seem to be wasting a lot of that sweet, sweet goodness as they bounce to the beat.

The uzi-directed video stars Diplo and collaborators CL, Riff Raff, and OG Maco, who each pour out a highly carbonated verse. CL is riding in a limo in some scenes, while other moments have her commanding a slippery, choreographed dance party in a mansion. Riff Raff rifles off a sports-reference heavy set of bars from the top of a bus, and OG Maco sweetens the deal with his closing couplets.

Main man Diplo, in addition to dropping the icy beat, can be seen flexing IRL, as well as via sticky cut-outs plastered all over the dancers' bodies.

There's plenty of shaken-not-stirred activity going on here, and you can catch it all down below.