Dew-Scented Incinerate

This is the sixth full album from one of the most deceivingly named bands in all of metal. In case you’re new to them, Dew Scented are not a power metal or prog band but are actually a very ferocious thrash/death outfit. As the title indicates, Incinerate is a pretty smoking album. Combining the fury of Darkane and new era Exodus has resulted in a very enjoyable listen. The dry-throated screams of Leif Jensen are consistently vicious, while axe-men Hendrik Bache and Flo Mueller offer up a great range of riffs. Incinerate isn’t outside the box songwriting but it provides elements a band that have been together for 15 years should know how to deliver: an established sound, aggressive songs and balls-out brutality. Dew Scented have definitely provided fans with a great feeling of roughness here. New fans would do well to get into them with this record as well. (Nuclear Blast)