Devo Live in the Land of the Rising Sun

Like some sort of Spinal Tap-ian resurrection, Devo are apparently still huge in Japan. Who knew? This 75 minute set recorded at a small-ish hall in Tokyo in 2003 finds the band in fighting trim, at least musically, if not physically. A little greyer around the temples since they last toured as part of Lollapalooza in 1996, they are no less dedicated to putting on a great show. But this is clearly for fans, as the material is exclusively, with the exception of "That's Good," from their first three albums. Wearing the trademark red flower pots and yellow hazard suits, singer Mark Mothersbaugh and bassist Gerald V. Casale lead their guitar playing brothers and drummer David Kendricks (who played in the band in their later incarnation) through such classic tales of societal de-evolution as "Uncontrollable Urge," "Jocko Homo," "Blockhead" and, yes, even "Whip It." Bonus footage includes interviews with Mothersbaugh and Casale, and a fun shopping trip in Tokyo, as well as a rare 1980 TV clip. (MVD,